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Injecting Youth & Tranquility with BOTOX® Cosmetic

Who among us looks in the mirror and says, “wow, I love how refreshed, well-rested, and youthful I look today!”

(If you do … what is your secret?)

For the rest of us, there are certain areas about which we’re quite sensitive. We also may not realize there are treatment options available to us to minimize our insecurities and enhance our confidence. In the expert hands of Dr. Cox, injectables like BOTOX can help us feel better about the skin we’re in, giving us the refreshed, natural-looking results we want, with little or no downtime.

RWF (“Resting Worry Face”)

For one patient, KK*, the worry lines between her eyebrows were telling an unspoken story to the world that didn’t reflect her true self. Her naturally bubbly and friendly personality was being overshadowed by a resting facial expression that portrayed displeasure and unapproachability. “What’s the matter? Is everything okay?” was a line of questioning she was asked all too often.

woman with furrowed brow
When KK came to us, she didn’t know exactly what treatment she wanted or needed … only what aesthetics she wanted to improve.  She had heard about BOTOX, but was understandably hesitant about facial injections.  At 43, she was starting to see the signs of aging that a preventative treatment like BOTOX might help minimize. She certainly didn’t want the “frozen expression” of some celebrities she’d seen in magazines. KK was proud of her laugh lines and the story they told, and wanted to retain this natural authenticity.


First and foremost, we educated KK that BOTOX is a trusted, FDA-approved treatment that temporarily improves frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead worry lines. As one of the most extensively studied medical aesthetic treatments, BOTOX has a record of experience, safety and efficacy that medical specialists rely on.  Millions of people have made BOTOX a part of their regular self-care routine because it’s safe and it’s effective.


We informed KK that BOTOX® Cosmetic contains tiny amounts of a highly purified botulinum toxin protein (derived from nature). This protein works beneath the skin’s surface, targeting the underlying muscle contractions (frowning, squinting) that cause lines and wrinkles. We would inject her facial muscles with BOTOX to temporarily reduce this muscle activity. Within 1-2 weeks, KK should expect to see visible smoothing of the worry lines between her brows.


We set expectations with KK that the results of a BOTOX Cosmetic procedure would last approximately 4 months, and most patients come back to visit us 3 times per year.  Considering that KK already was modestly investing $100 on haircuts and other salon services every 6 weeks, the value of BOTOX Cosmetic was easily calculable for her.


In the end, KK was absolutely thrilled with the results.  After one quick lunchtime visit (and 2 weeks for the effects to take hold), she felt that she looked noticeably better in photographs, presented a more approachable face to the world, and finally had a resting facial expression that conveyed her friendliness and good nature to others. The worry lines that she was so self-conscious about had completely smoothed away. KK was happy she retained the ability to move her other facial muscles, allaying her concern about appearing “frozen”.  She has been so pleased with her BOTOX experience and the long-lasting results, that she’s been back to see us every 3-4 months since her initial visit and told us we’ve earned a “patient for life”.


Naturally, any investment we make for/on ourselves needs to leave us feeling good about the value we received, and reassure us that the price tag was worthwhile.  Once you see the amazing, revitalizing results of your first BOTOX treatment and experience the personal attention and care from the Aesthetic Solutions team, you will surely feel, like KK, that your return on this aesthetic investment is measurable on far more than money alone.

woman smiling

BOTOX is You, Only Better.

* To protect KK’s privacy, we have just used patient’s initials.