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Feminine Rejuvenation After Pregnancy with Viveve

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We sat down with Kimberly, an Aesthetic Solutions patient who recently underwent the Viveve treatment. We had the opportunity to speak with her both before and after the procedure, to witness her remarkable transformation firsthand. Let’s hear from Kimberly about her experience and what she’s eager to share with others considering the treatment:

What made you consider Viveve?

I went in to my OBGYN for a one year visit following the delivery of my second baby. I had issues with stress urinary incontinence before, but it really began to be a problem after the second delivery. Every time I would cough or sneeze I would urinate a little bit. My doctor referred me to a pelvic floor specialist and told me about some different cosmetic procedures that would be an option to help. A lot of the options were ablative and just seemed a little too intense. I am a patient of Dr. Cox’s and around the same time I was weighing these options she began offering the Viveve treatment. I went in for a consult to learn more.

What was the consultation like?

Really comfortable! I sat down with an aesthetician and she told me all about the treatment. A lot of people in the office have had Viveve, and it was really reassuring to hear about their positive experiences. We talked about the issues I was experiencing and how Viveve would help. They were very in-depth and told me about the science behind the machine. It was also reassuring they took the time to make sure I was a good candidate, and confirm I was up to date with my yearly exam and a recent, normal pap-smear.

How did you feel right before the treatment?

I was nervous! I’ve had other treatments with Dr. Cox like injectables and lasers, but I think any time you try something new there is a part of you that gets nervous. The aesthetician performing the treatment told me what to expect and what it would feel like, so that definitely helped calm my nerves.

What was the treatment like?

It was surprisingly comfortable. Mostly it was like pressure. The treatment lasted about an hour and throughout the whole thing I just felt a little bit of warmth.

What were your results like?

I was told there would be somewhat of an immediate result just because of swelling, and then things might go back to normal for a short period while the collagen was being stimulated. I was ready for a slow improvement, but from the day of treatment to now I haven’t coughed, sneezed or exercised and urinated a single time!

What would you want to tell someone who was experiencing Stress Urinary Incontinence and considering treatment to know?

Oh my goodness I would tell them to do it now! Seriously, I wish I had done it sooner. For me, I spent a lot of time weighing my options and after I looked up the other procedures and read reviews they just seemed too painful. I really like that Viveve is one treatment compared to 4 or more and that it’s non-ablative. After I talked to a girlfriend that had a similar treatment she said her results only lasted 6 months. I’m at the 8 month mark and Dr. Cox told me that my results should last for up to a year, and that some people are still seeing results at 18 months! I’m thrilled.