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Get Wedding Ready With Emsculpt

I was in a wedding this past weekend for one of my best friends. Of course when your friends get married you want to look your absolute best and that was my mission. But my dress unfortunately had other plans! When it arrived it was 2 sizes too small, they sent me the wrong dress! With no time to send the dress back and reorder the dress I settled with using a few safety pins to keep the dress up and covering the not completely zipped zipper with my hair.

I had my appointment scheduled with Aesthetic Solutions to begin my Emsculpt treatments already and without even thinking about the possibility of my dress fitting went in for my treatments. I completed my 4 treatments in the two weeks like Dr. Cox recommended for me and went about my business. I felt GREAT after my treatment, but from what the team at Aesthetic Solutions told me I knew fat would take a while to metabolize through my body and my optimal results would be a couple months after treatment. I hesitantly tried my bridesmaids dress on the night before the wedding just to plan appropriately for the next day and when I told my husband I could suck in to get the dress zipped he responded with “it’s already zipped!” WHAT, my dress fit?? I went back to Aesthetic Solutions to get my post photos and found out I had lost an INCH AND HALF off my waist! I was floored! I absolutely loved this treatment and can’t wait to see my final results if this is just the beginning!!

Apart from my clothes fitting better I’m finding that when I go to the gym workouts that used to be a challenge for me are easier and my endurance is up. I will absolutely be going back in for the maintenance treatments so that I can maintain this awesome result. Thank you Dr. Cox and your team!

Marie from Durham, NC