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Top 10 with Dr. Cox: Injectable Treatments You May Not Know About

Needle for Injectable treatment

Injectable treatments have come a long way in the last 20-some years. Most people now know Botox can relax wrinkles between the brows, and filler can soften lines and creases around the mouth. Injectable experts like Dr. Cox, however, know this is just the beginning! Read on first her list of the top 10 little-known areas for injectable treatment that can make a big difference.

1. Temples

Filler | The temples are not usually the first place people ask for filler, but it can produce a surprising improvement. Loss of volume of the temples is a natural part of the aging process that can emphasize the structure of the eye sockets and produce a rather skeletal appearance. I like to split a syringe between the temples to restore this lost volume.

2. Jowls

Filler | I don’t place the product directly into the jowls, but by injecting it elsewhere we can reduce the appearance of sagging skin along the jaw. Hyaluronic acid filler injected along the cheek bone adds lost volume to the mid-face, and also helps to pick up jowl skin. Additional filler placed at the angle of the jaw (the curve of bone below your ears) can also smooth the jawline.

3. Vertical Lip Lines

Botox | Filler is frequently used to treat etched-in vertical lip lines, sometimes called “smoker’s lines.” Botox is a lesser known solution that also helps. I inject a few units below the nose so you can’t fully make the gesture that causes smoker’s lines. In this way, we prevent lines from getting worse and help you get the most out of any filler treatment to the area.

4. Chest Skin Texture

Sculptra | The skin on our décolleté, or chest, often endures a good deal of sun exposure and can become crepey. I opt for an injectable collagen stimulator called Sculptra to improve skin quality and texture for this area. Once injected, Sculptra creates a scaffolding within the skin that supports the production of new collagen. Results develop slowly over time and are long lasting.

5. Nefertiti Neck Lift

Botox | This treatment has recently gained in popularity thanks to Christie Brinkley, who credited it as a source of her ever-youthful appearance. Named after the Egyptian queen and her famously elegant neck, this treatment involves Botox injection of the vertical muscles in the neck. Once treated, they no longer “pop out” or pull down the lower face.

6. Hair Loss & Thinning

PRP | I use PRP injections to treat hair loss and thinning in both men and women. PRP is “platelet-rich plasma,” a gel-like substance that we create in our office using your own blood. Growth factors and other substances found in this platelet concentrate stimulate hair follicles, resulting in thicker, more voluminous hair. I recommend a series of treatments for best results.

7. Hands

Radiesse Filler | As we age, we don’t just lose volume in our faces. Filler can be used to restore volume to the back of the hands, reducing the appearance of veins and boney structures. For this treatment, I use Radiesse, a hydroxyapatite-based filler. Radiesse is FDA approved for injection into the back of the hands and lasts up to a year.

8. Downturned Lips

Botox | Muscles below our lips called DAO’s can be responsible for pulling the corners of our mouth downwards. By injecting a few units of Botox into this area, we can mitigate the downward pull, causing the lips to return to a neutral expression. I sometimes like to pair this with the Nefertiti Neck Lift mentioned earlier for optimal results.

9. Gummy Smile

Botox | Try making the biggest smile you can. If you can see a significant portion of your gums, and are bothered by it, a few units of Botox above the lips could be the solution. I treat the muscles responsible for raising the upper lip. By relaxing them a little bit, the upper lip doesn’t raise up quite so high, and the gums remain out of sight.

10. Brow Lift

Botox | When I treat frown lines, I place Botox between the brows and right above the outer tips of the eyebrows. This relaxes the wrinkles you make when you furrow your brows, and has the added bonus of subtly raising the position of the brow. This so-called Botox brow lift only raises the brow position a few millimeters, but that can make a significant difference, making the eyes appear bigger and more wakeful. It’s possible to come in every two months to maintain this treatment – it wears off a bit faster than the benefits of other areas. This is a patient favorite!

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