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Administering Injectables is No Simple Task – even for Many Dermatologists

I recently gave a presentation about facial anatomy and the use of cosmetic injectables to a group of physicians at the 2014 Global Conference on Medical Education. I love events like these, where I can help educate and inform my colleagues in dermatology about how to use injectables to get the best results for their patients.

After I finished presenting, an experienced and well-respected dermatological surgeon from another part of the country came up to talk to me. Yet he didn’t have any questions about what I had just taught or about the specifics of facial anatomy; instead, he asked me to give him the name of a good cosmetic dermatologist in his region.

“Giving injections is a lot more involved than I thought,” he explained. “I don’t want to administer them myself, but I do want to be able to refer interested patients to someone who really knows their stuff.”

I gladly gave him the name of an experienced colleague in his area, and thought to myself how much better a place this world would be if all professionals were this honest and ethical about their strengths and limitations.

Sadly, this is not always the case, not even in the world of medicine.

On a too-regular basis, I see new patients who are having problems following a cosmetic procedure of one sort or another, including injectables. Usually, they are deeply unhappy with the results and looking for a fix.  Almost always, they didn’t do enough research about the procedure – or who should perform it – beforehand.

Please don’t allow yourself become one of these dissatisfied patients. Do your research. Ask questions. Understand risks. Seek best outcomes.

If you do all this, we’re sure you’ll come to see why Aesthetic Solutions is an outstanding choice in the Triangle area, particularly when it comes to injectables.

Next week: Tips for finding a doctor who truly knows her injectables